Curriculum (Chair, vice chair elected by committee)

Pam Fine
Peter Bobkowski
​Max Utsler
​Barbara Barnett

Graduate (Vice chair elected by committee)

Scott Reinardy (chair)
Hyunjin Seo
Doug Ward
Joseph Erba

Technology (Chair, vice chair elected by committee)

David Guth
Mike Williams
Jonathan Peters

University Core Curriculum

John Broholm

Other Standing Committees and Appointments

Committee Term Dates

Promotion and Tenure                 
Chuck Marsh (chair)
John Broholm (vice chair)

Tom Volek (chair)
Chuck Marsh

Scholarship Committee
Tom Volek (chair)
Jerry Crawford
Susanne Shaw

Task Force on Graduation Requirements
Barbara Barnett (chair)
Kansan Board
Mark Johnson (chair)
Kerry Benson
Genelle Belmas

Research Brown Bag SessionsTien Lee (coordinator) – monthly discussions of scholarly projects

Faculty Committee Responsibilities (pdf)

Link to helpful faculty and staff documents (policies, forms, timesheets).