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Bachelor of Science - News and Information

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Bachelor of Science in Journalism – News and Information

Hours requirements and limitations

Total hours required: 120

Total junior/senior hours (courses at the 300-level or above) required: 45

Total journalism hours required: 40

Maximum journalism hours allowed within the 120 hour total: 48

Total non-journalism hours required: 72

Maximum journalism hours allowed to fulfill KU Core outcomes: 18

Minimum KU GPA for graduation: 2.5

Minimum JOUR GPA for graduation: 2.5

The four components to your KU degree:

KU Core

See www.kucore.ku.edu for additional details and ways to fulfill each goal and outcome. Required journalism courses that fulfill a particular outcome are noted. However, students may fulfill these outcomes in any way approved for the KU Core.

☐ Goal 1 Outcome 1: Critical Thinking (JOUR 302 Infomania)

☐ Goal 1 Outcome 2: Quantitative Literacy

☐ Goal 2 Outcome 1: Oral Communication

☐ Goal 2 Outcome 2: Written Communication

☐ Goal 2 Outcome 2: Written Communication (JOUR 304 Media Writing)

☐ Goal 3 Humanities

☐ Goal 3 Social Science (JOUR 101 Media and Society)

☐ Goal 3 Natural Science

☐ Goal 4 Outcome 1: U.S. Diversity

☐ Goal 4 Outcome 2: Global Diversity

☐ Goal 5: Ethics and Social Responsibility (JOUR 608 Ethics and Professional Practice)

☐ Goal 6: Integration and Creativity

BSJ Degree Specific Requirements

☐ One course in Business and Leadership 

☐ One course in Quantitative Literacy (beyond MATH 101) 

☐ One course in Historical Context 

☐ Foreign language (4th level proficiency in one language or 3rd level proficiency in one language and one course in another language)

☐ One natural science with a lab

☐ Journalism grammar course or exemption

☐ Minor or major outside journalism

Journalism Core

☐ JOUR 101 Media and Society

☐ JOUR 300 Visual Storytelling

☐ JOUR 302 Infomania

☐ JOUR 304 Media Writing

☐ JOUR 608 Ethics and Professional Practice

☐ JOUR 618 First Amendment

☐ Journalism diversity course (JOUR 201, 534, 590, 613)

News and Information Requirements

☐ JOUR 415 Multimedia Reporting

☐ JOUR 419 Multimedia Editing

☐ JOUR 550 Digital Media

☐ JOUR Advanced Media

☐ JOUR Advanced Media

☐ Journalism electives (6 hours)


To reach minimum total hours, junior/senior, and/or journalism hours

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Best ad staff in the nation: 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012. —College Newspaper Business & Advertising Managers
85 percent of classes have fewer than 50 students
2nd place: Hearst Foundation “College Pulitzers” national writing contest, 2011
Top-ranked teachers, including National Journalism Teacher of the Year Doug Ward
71 percent of classes have 30 or fewer students
Students prepare marketing projects for Sprint, Coca-Cola, NASA, and other corporations
81 percent of 2011 journalism graduates were employed full time six months after graduating
—University of Georgia study