Donor Lists

Lifetime Donors

We gratefully recognize the individuals and corporations/foundations who have generously donated $250,000 and above to the University of Kansas William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Corporate/Foundation Donors:

  • Estate of Mary Jane Floersch

  • The Freedom Forum

  • William Randolph Hearst Foundation

  • John S. & James L. Knight Foundation
Louis L. & Adelaide C. Ward Foundation
  • McCormick Foundation

Individual Donors:

  • Malcolm W. Applegate & Constance L. Applegate
  • Mary D. Austin*
  • Dennis N. Branstiter*

  • Richard C. Clarkson
  • Hubert M. Floersch, M.D.* & Mary Haynes Floersch*

  • John P. Kaiser* & Mary S. Kaiser*
Linda Ward O’Hara
  • Charles L. Parcell
Alice C. Parcell
  • ​Robert P. Sigman*
  • Oscar S. Stauffer* & Cornelia Stauffer*
  • ​John H. Stauffer Sr. & Barbara E. Stauffer
  • Ruth Granger Stauffer*
  • William Keith Swinehart Sr.
* & Maxine Swinehart*
  • Louis L. Ward* & Adelaide C. Ward
  • Norris S. Wooldridge* & 
Helena L. Wooldridge*

*Indicates the donor is deceased.

This listing is for lifetime donations, not donations made just within the calendar year. This list of donor names is strictly for the purpose of acknowledgement by the School of Journalism. Any other use is unauthorized. Although every effort has been made to ensure the completeness and accuracy of this listing, errors may occur.

Deans Club

Deans Club members are those generous alumni who give back to the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications with a contribution of $1,000 or more annually. 

These contributions are crucial to the success of the J-School and provide unrestricted support for the J-School’s initiatives. Matching gifts from corporations are included as part of Deans Club contributions.

“Without the support of our Deans Club members, we wouldn’t be able to provide the exceptional level of service that students and alumni deserve,” Journalism Dean Ann Brill said.

Deans Club dollars fund special initiatives in the School of Journalism, including:

  • Providing funds for student travel
  • Hosting special events for students and faculty
  • Funding for student and faculty achievement awards
  • Recruiting and retaining faculty
  • Providing scholarship support for students
  • Hosting visiting professionals who speak with students and faculty
  • Giving students and faculty the opportunity to take part in special educational programs 

Deans Club Giving Levels:

  • Ambassador Level: $10,000 and above
  • Benefactor Level: $5,000 to $9,999
  • Patron Level: $3,000 to $4,999
  • Member Level: $1,000 to $2,999

The following are donations made during the 2015 calendar year.

Corporate Deans Club


Bernstein-Rein Advertising, Inc.

Caplin Foundation

Grapevine Designs

The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Internet Ad Pros

Kansans for Derek Schmidt

Kansas Newspaper Foundation

McGrew Real Estate

Muller Bressler Brown

Peter M. and Barbara A. Macdonald Charitable Foundation

Sullivan Higdon & Sink

Deans Club Ambassadors

Kent Anderson & Wendee Anderson

Carl V. Ceder

John J. Egan

CDR Daniel G. Felger, USN, Retired & Jean Felger

Charlotte Kirk Howard & W. Jeffrey Howard

Donald A. Hunter

Elizabeth A. Leech & Steven C. Frazier

Carole Jackson Moreno

Kevin L. Newell & Adrian M. Newell

Brian S. Purdy & Leslie Howell Purdy

Diane Gray Quinn & Thomas H. Quinn

David Seaton & Callie Seaton

Gerald F. Seib & Barbara Rosewicz

John S. Suhler & Charlotte Thompson Suhler

Deans Club Benefactors

Ann M. Brill, PhD

Craig J. Campbell & Lisa M. Campbell

James T. Chastain

Shirley Bush Helzberg & Barnett C. Helzberg Jr.

William C. Johnson Jr. & Fran O'Brien Johnson

Blaine L. King & Lyndel S. King

Suzanne Parsonage Miller

Rev. Julie Johnson Staples & Brent Staples

Craig A. Stock​
Deans Club Patrons

Brian A. Bracco & Sarah Wallace Bracco

Susanne M. Shaw

Deans Club Members

Leonard P. Alfano & Deborah Taylor Alfano

Danforth W. Austin & Gail Davenport Austin

Robert R. Basow & Lynn A. Basow

Dorothy A. Bowles

Lisa Massoth Brinig & Brian P. Brinig

Paul L. Buller & Beverley J. Buller

Kathleen M. Conkey

Jay H. Cooper & Valerie Wolf

Lannie L. Dawson

Paul I. Dinovitz & Cathy Dinovitz

G. Thomas Eblen & Jean Kygar Eblen

Stephen R. Ellsworth & Barbara Ellsworth

John A. Frazee

Mugur V. Geana & Anca Geana

Malcolm D. Gibson & Joyce L. Gibson

Robert H. Giles & Nancy M. Giles

Cathy L. Gleason & Daniel J. Gleason

John & Dorothy Hall

Roger W. Heineken

Raymond J. Hummert & Mary L. Higgins Hummert, PhD

L. Gail Johnson

Blaine C. Kimrey & Laura Green Kimrey

Madelyn Brite Larkin & Wilbur D. Larkin

Jane Larson Lee & John P. Lee

Susan Lynn & Brian D. Wolfe, MD

Stephen L. Martino & Beth Martino

Katherine A. Means

David A. Mikols & Julie Updegraff Mikols

Janet M. Miller

Eric M. Morgenstern & Shanny R. Morgenstern

Eric Morgenthaler

Patricia Jean Musick

Darell F. Norris & Thordis M. Norris

Anne Sigman O'Brien

David F. Olson & Bobbi J. Olson

Marilyn Zook Petterson & Michael T. Petterson

Mary Ann Powell & Nick Powell

Joseph V. Rebello

Sally L. Reece

Kathleen A. Saunders & Ronald K. Saunders

Lisa S. Scheller & Fred Scheller

Daniel J. Simon Jr. & Heidi J. Simon

Frank Slover & Deborah W. Slover

Gary M. Smith & Janet M. Cinelli

Heather M. Smith

Michael G. Snider & Julie Snider

Terri Hill Snyder & Steven A. Snyder

Mary Sullivan & Jerry L. Sullivan, EdD

Michael J. Vrabac & Mary S. Vrabac

Mary Thornbrugh Witwer & Paul G. Witwer

Lorie Walker Worner & Rick Worner

Alison A. Young

Erin Hummert Young, MD & Garrett B. Young

Stephen L. Young

Joel D. Zeff & Susan Zeff

The above list of donor names is strictly for the purpose of acknowledgement by the School of Journalism. Any other use is unauthorized. Although every effort has been made to ensure the completeness and accuracy of this listing, errors may occur.