The Registrar's Office has e-mailed you information about enrolling for summer and fall 2013 (see below), and the summer and fall timetable is now online.

1. Journalism courses that require "instructor permission"
The following journalism classes require instructor permission codes: Jour 288, 488, 506, 507, 508, 693. **Contact the Advising Office for instructions on how to obtain permission from the instructor teaching the course.  DO NOT contact the instructor.**

2. Grad checks for students graduating in May, August or December 2013
If you plan to graduate in May, August or December 2013 and HAVE NOT ALREADY had a grad check, please make an appointment with the Journalism Advising and Records Office to complete required graduation forms and have a graduation check. You must apply and have a grad check in order for your name to be on the official commencement list.

(If you are a news and information major, you may disregard this.) 
If you plan to take Jour 640, Strategic Campaigns, in spring 2013, please be sure you are enrolled in (or have completed) the three prerequisites:

Jour 560 pr 435 - Message Development, Jour 320 and 420 or 
Jour 513 - Principles of Advertising and Jour 523 - Principles of Public Relations
, Jour 460 or 568 - Marketing and Media Research
 These prerequisites must be completed before Campaigns. Concurrent enrollment is not allowed.

4. Note about the BUSINESS MINOR
Journalism students may now fulfill their area distribution requirement with the business minor.  Please see a J-School advisor with questions.

5. Mandatory Advising
New journalism students who have not yet been advised must attend an advising appointment before enrolling for the spring semester. Please reserve a time to meet with an adviser by following these instructions:
• Come prepared to discuss your area distribution requirement and any study abroad plans you may have.
• Find out more about your holds.
• Use the gpa calculator to predict how you might do this semester.

6. If you have questions about your spring schedule or your remaining requirements, please make an appointment online with a Journalism Advisor.


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