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J-School summer interns, in their own words

Every summer, students from the J-School scatter across the world for internships. Some of them have emailed us with updates; others have written about their experiences on personal blogs. Here are updates from a few, in their own words.

How’s your internship going? Let us know!

Salman Husain

Senior, Strategic Communication
Multimedia intern at Syria Relief and Development in Kansas City 

This summer I traveled to Amman, Jordan through the Kansas City non-profit organization Syria Relief and Development (SRD) as a Multimedia Intern. I spent a month and a half documenting the stories of Syrian refugees and the medical services SRD provides through their Refugee Health and Trauma Center. I am still working with SRD to provide multimedia content. I wrote several blogs throughout my time in Amman.

Check out some of Salman's work below.













I went on a bike ride one afternoon with George Hill! Okay, there were a few others there. 
Hill was promoting the new Indiana Pacers Bikeshare program in downtown Indy.

Katie Kutsko

Junior, News and Information
Pulliam Fellow at the Indianapolis Star

I am beginning my last week as a Pulliam Fellow at the Indianapolis Star. It is hard to believe my 10-week internship is nearly over.

Here's what I've been doing in Indy all summer:

Looking back, I am realizing just how much I have learned and done. I gained digital skills (better understand reader engagement through social media, know and understand desktop vs. mobile audiences, know a bit of basic (very basic) coding, etc). I have more general knowledge about journalism (understand more about business side, sharpened news judgment, improved interviewing skills, etc. And I have learned more about working with and for different types of people.

Ben Allen
Junior, News and Information
Marketing intern for Bowie Baysox (AA Affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles) 

Making it home was the dream. I wanted to make it home to Maryland to see the family that is throwing money to a school 20 hours away from home so their son can work in sports. Everything happens for a reason, and working for a professional baseball team just happened to be in my future. At 19 years old I can say I have had some unique experiences in my life, but few have been as rewarding as working for a team that was from my home state of Maryland. 

As a News and Info student, marketing or "Strategic Communications" hasn't always been my forte. Something that has been my forte though, is sticking my neck out on occasion and taking a chance. I apply for a few teams, and hear back from a few teams, but the opportunity to be an Orange Ambassador with the Bowie Baysox intrigued me. A marketing internship that allowed me to round out my skills and also do a bit of writing. A little different than last summer when I worked in Denver for Universal Sports Network and did production work. But I took the chance and on an early Wednesday morning before Ms. McLendon's class I did a skype interview and ultimately landed the job. 

Marketing, PR, and promotions. That is what I signed up for. What would come would include that, but had a whole lot more.
"Yeah I work with camera's. I love video stuff. It's sorta what I do," is what I say to the assistant general manager of the team.
Little to my knowledge my resume had spoken a little louder than I had thought. The day before I began, coincidentally, the "video guy" is fired.
"Hey Ben. Want to work the video board?" Are the words I was quickly introduced to.

Office hours every week day I would make myself handy writing pieces on players to be put in the program while also selling to fans the idea of wearing a superhero costume and coming to a game, while at night during the games, I was the head video man running the video board and keeping multiple camera guys in check.
I have always been a guy in front of the camera, so I have cherished the opportunity to increase my technical skills while also watching quite a bit of baseball. 

I'm 19. I live 20 hours away from home about usually 11 months out of the year and I received the opportunity to be the video guy/Marketing intern for a pro baseball team in my home state. Superhero night was a success. 8,000 people in attendance. Video stuff has stretched into shooting pieces with celebrities like X-Games legend Travis Pastrana. (Yes he is a total bro) You could say it has been a fun summer at "home" driving a total of 3 hours a day and working nearly 7 days a week, but the valuable tools and experiences I have had have proved priceless...Plus I missed my crabcakes and Old Bay.

Macy Johnson

Senior, Strategic Communications
Intern at
The Madison Square Garden Company in New York City 

After studying abroad last summer in London, I knew I wanted to be in a big city again this summer. For me, living in a big city is something that every person should experience, even if it is for a short amount of time. Not only have I learned and observed some of the strangest people in the world – but I've been able to do things on my own and encounter situations that make me appreciate the midwest (like driving a car.) 

I've been in New York now for 9 weeks – 7 of which have been spent at The Madison Square Garden Company.It's crazy to think back on my first day here; getting a tour of the arena, learning the history of the company, meeting other interns from all over the world, answering questions about tornadoes ... but figuring out the ropes of a corporate company is something that you can't be taught at orientation. It takes time, it's a process. 

Being a part of the Engagement Marketing department gave me a chance to work for every venue, sports team, concert, graduation or any event that the company put on. Majority of my time is spent working on social media analytics. Call me a nerd, but this is by far one of the coolest things to see for my generation. Any tweet, mention, impression, favorite, like, reply was at my fingertips. My first week here was the week of the Stanley Cup, which was a HUGE deal for NYC and MSG. I got to witness some of the craziest fans and contribute to the widespread hype of the Kings v. Rangers. 

This experience has allowed me to understand what a "real-world job" looks like. I don't run errands, I don't make copies, I don't go on coffee runs. I work for a company and contribute to things that matter, which is not always the case in an internship situation. I've really enjoyed my time here, but can't wait to get back to school for my last semester in the fall. 





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