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Journalism Jobs Listing for Alumni (Experience Required)

In addition to the School's online database of jobs and internships for current students who are looking for that first career job, the Journalism Career Center lists jobs for experienced professionals who have more than two years of experience. 

If you know of any relevant journalism job openings for either of these listing services, please contact Patty Noland. Job postings will typically appear on this page for one month.

The positions are organized into two categories: News and Information or Strategic Communication. Start your search here.




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Learn about careers, internships & jobs

The Journalism Career Center helps J-School students explore their career options and find internships and jobs. Patty Noland, the J-School's Career Development Coordinator, is ready to help you at any stage in your college career—whether you're just beginning to explore the possibilities or you're ready to enter the job market. 

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Best ad staff in the nation: 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012. —College Newspaper Business & Advertising Managers
85 percent of classes have fewer than 50 students
2nd place: Hearst Foundation “College Pulitzers” national writing contest, 2011
Top-ranked teachers, including National Journalism Teacher of the Year Doug Ward
71 percent of classes have 30 or fewer students
Students prepare marketing projects for Sprint, Coca-Cola, NASA, and other corporations
81 percent of 2011 journalism graduates were employed full time six months after graduating
—University of Georgia study