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Political science internship - spring 2018 (Topeka, Kansas)

Tue, 04/11/2017 - 09:45 -- Steven J Rottinghaus
Part time

• Work with a legislator (or lobbyist) you know, or get assigned one (congruent with your party, interests, etc.)

• Internships also available with Governor's office and with lobbying firms and interest groups (check on Secretary of State's site for list of lobbyists and groups)

• Legislative internships pay $600; Governor's office pays $8/hour at least; lobbyist internships are negotiable re pay. Being paid means you have a job-like obligation to show up. This is not just another class.

ALL majors welcome

• Simply sign up for POLS 497 (internship) and POLS 495 (seminar) during fall enrollment (most students earn 6 credits by signing up for both). POLS 497 is graded credit/no-credit

• POLS 495 has regular letter grading. Special permission # is required for each of these, available in POLS office (504 Blake).

• Seminar meets in Topeka (Thursdays, noon-1:15), speakers from legislative, executive branches, lobbyists, journalists, etc.

• Most students work all day Tuesday/Thursday, but hours and days are somewhat flexible (required: 2 full days per week).

• Full-time internships for entire spring are possible (9-12 hours)

• Lots of political job opportunities in wake of internships

• Interns with the legislature fill out the formal (but simple) application provided by the Legislature (by early December). http://www.kslegislature.org/las/Pages/how_to_become_an_intern.html

• For more information, contact Burdett Loomis at bloomis@ku.edu or 785.766.2764