Scott Reinardy

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Primary office:
Stauffer-Flint Hall
Room 200D
University of Kansas
1435 Jayhawk Blvd.
Lawrence, KS 66045-7515


When I was entering graduate school after years of daily newspaper experience, I was asked, “What kind of academic research can we do to assist the profession?” At that time I had few answers. Now, much of my life’s work is dedicated to not only addressing that question but to developing classroom strategies in implementing the answers.

It is not unusual for a mid-career professional to transition to the academy. However, it is unusual for a former sports writer and editor to earn a Ph.D. during that transition.

Now that I have made that transition, I continue to be rooted in the practice through research, immersive student journalism programs and regular interaction with professional journalists.

As part of my research during the past decade, professional newsroom workers have explained how their jobs have changed and what they have done to manage the changes. Reporters and editors have discussed the complications of breaking news on social media and what it means to the daily newspapers. Broadcast and newspaper journalists have explained how they are asked to do more with less while struggling to produce quality journalism.

The research provides a clearer picture of an evolving professional work environment and what can be taught in immersive newsroom experiences such as Multimedia Reporting, Statehouse Reporting, Digital Media, and Multimedia Sports Journalism. Research also shows how working journalists contend with legal and ethical dilemmas, which transcends into classroom instruction in Ethics and the Media, and First Amendment.

I’ve enjoyed the best of both journalism worlds. I’ve had great opportunities to work as a professional journalist and now have the privilege of teaching the next generation of journalists. Bringing those worlds together is what I find most enjoyable.

Academic Degrees

  • Bachelor’s of Science (Journalism and History degrees), South Dakota State University
, 1987
  • Master’s of Arts (Journalism), University of Missouri, 2003
  • Ph.D. (Journalism), University of Missouri
, 2006


  • Since 2005, have received eight top research paper awards among national and international journalism and mass communications organizations.
  • Elected the inaugural chair for the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication’s Sports Interest Group, 2010-2011


  • Burnout and life issues of newspaper and television newsroom workers
  • Organizational adaptation and development of newspaper and television newsrooms
  • Media ethics
  • Journalism education
  • Sports media


  • Reinardy, S. (2012). “TV sportscasters 1, Burnout 0: Resources sideline the job stressors of sports broadcasters.” Journal of Sports Media, 7(1): 89-107.
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  • Book: “The Essentials of Sports Reporting and Writing” (2009) by Scott Reinardy and Wayne Wanta


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