Stauffer-Flint Hall Renovation

Stauffer-Flint Hall, the home of the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications, is undergoing remodeling during the summer and fall 2019. The last time Stauffer-Flint was remodeled was in 1982. As we continue to build on the timeless core values in our curriculum, we know that students and professionals are looking for an environment that also reflects the dynamic and digital world of today's media. 

Front door and plaza

While the iconic building has long been a beacon for aspiring journalists, it's been missing a front door that reflects the energy, enthusiasm and talent. A new front entrance that faces north will be an impressive addition to Jayhawk Boulevard. And, once inside the doors, the remodeled first floor will reflect the showcase and dedicated work that has long been the hallmark of Jayhawk Journalists.With its prime location on Jayhawk Boulevard and Sunflower Road, Stauffer-Flint Hall is one of the most visible and iconic buildings on campus. Our students, alumni, visitors and donors agree that we've done a great job maintaining the building. They also agree that a new entry would allow us to illustrate the importance of journalism in today's world. Using digital technology and special lighting, the new plaza that lead to the the new front door will show the 24/7 nature of media and portray inspiring quotes about critical thinking, truth in reporting and editing, and reflections on the day's events. 

New studio

Stauffer-Flint remodeling first floorInside the new front entrance on the first floor, students and visitors will experience a state-of-the-art broadcast studio. KUJH-TV now produces the only local newscast in Lawrence. Working as reporters, anchors, producers and technical directors, our students need the cutting-edge technology that will launch their careers. Media Crossroads is the first studio where many students create broadcast and video stories. Its most popular program, "Good Morning, KU!" will host campus visitors and invite an audience to gather outside. The studio will be the genesis for videos serving all of our students and also offer the campus community the ability to do live interviews that link KU to news outlets all over the world.

The Kansan

It's time to bring the University Daily Kansan back to Stauffer-Flint. With the relocation of KUJH-TV and Media Crossroads, we are creating a space for all student media organizations to work together to better serve their audiences. This new convergence of student media organizations will form the Jayhawk Media Group and will provide valuable training for our students to become skilled multimedia journalists.

Third floor

The top floor of Stauffer-Flint will be more fully utilized to house classrooms that will be lost on the first floor. By making use of a conference room and some offices, we'll gain small classrooms and flex rooms for studying. 

Be a part of our new legacy

Would you like to be a part of this exciting transformation of the J-School? Please consider a gift to support the renovation of Stauffer-Flint Hall into a state-of-the-art media lab. 

Donate to support Stauffer-Flint renovation

Be a part of expanding the legacy of the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications by supporting the renovation of Stauffer-Flint Hall. With a new front door facing Jayhawk Boulevard and state-of-the-art facilities for student media organizations, this renovation project will showcase the energy, innovation and creativity that has always defined generations of Jayhawk Journalists. Please help us expand our legacy of preparing and propelling our students into the future of media.