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Technical media producer (Topeka, Kansas)

Thu, 08/19/2021 - 10:34 -- Steven J Rottinghaus
Part time

WIBW-TV has been leading the way in local television broadcasting for 68 years, and the reason is simple: We have the best people. We are seeking a person who will help evolve what is commonly known as a production assistant, and a master control operator into a single job.

General responsibilities
The technical media producer has the general responsibility for directing live or pre-recorded productions as assigned, monitoring WIBW's on-air signals, trasmitter and FCC logs, and ingesting daily programming and commercials. Regular assignments will involve directing specific newscasts, miscellaneous station productions and various elements for the web channel.

Essential job duties and responsibilities
• Direct live and pre-recorded productions as assigned and monitor on-air streams
• Require skill with Ross production video switcher, master control video switcher, Harris automation, VizRT graphics, Adobe Photoshop and all supporting equipment in production/master control; including the ability to effectively perform at the following: robotic camera operation, prompter operation, audio operation, commercial/promo ingesting, satellite operation, program ingesting/segmenting, and a working knowledge of web production
• Understanding of FCC program and transmitter logs, and all FCC broadcast regualtions
• Work with newsroom computer system
• Understanding of all equipment in studios and production areas
• Dedication to care of equipment
• Work closely with all other deparatments to meet all daily demands
• Training of new personnel as assigned
• Assist production supervisor in maintaining clean studios and production areas
• Variable work schedule due to changing shifts, turnover, station projects, etc.
• Other duties as assigned
Job descriptions are subject to change at the discretion of management

• Great communication and people skills
• Newscast directing/master control experience or production assistant experience
• Operating knowledge of PC's and graphics computers
• Understanding of FCC broadcast regulations
• Pre-employment drug screening

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