Tien-Tsung Lee

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
Primary office:
Stauffer-Flint Hall
Room 208


My research focuses on several aspects of political ideologies. For example, how do liberals and conservatives differ as media consumers and voters? Do audience members’ ideologies affect their attitudes toward, or the usage of, the media? Additionally, do feminism, racism, capitalism and materialism influence how the media cover, and how audiences perceive, certain issues and groups (e.g., women, racial minorities, and same-sex marriage)?  Another research interest is advertising education. I have produced more than 90 academic journal articles, book chapters and conference papers, and a co-authored book on these topics.

All the topics above are essentially about consumer behavior and audience research. These studies have significantly contributed to my teaching. Understanding the audience is the first step to create effective strategic communication messages.

I regularly teach Principles of Strategic Communication, Research Methods, Message Development, and Strategic Campaigns at the undergraduate level and a graduate Research Methods class.

Academic Degrees

  • News-editorial diploma, World College of Journalism in Taipei, Taiwan
  • B.A., Journalism, University of Oregon
  • M.A., Mass Communications, University of Minnesota
  • Ph.D., Communication and Society, University of Oregon


  • Serve on the editorial board of Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Mass Communication & Society, and Asian Journal of Communication.
  • Katich Creativity (Teaching) Award, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Kansas, Spring 2011.
  • American Advertising Federation Most Promising Minority Student Nominator Award, 2005


  • Political Communication and Ideology
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Media Credibility (Perception of Media Bias)
  • International Communication 
  • Race and Gender Issues

Selective Publications

Lee, T.-T., & Fujioka, Y. (in press). Print newspapers remain a major information source for civic and political participants in Taiwan. Newspaper Research Journal.

Gray, S., Inglish, A., Sodhi, T. S., & Lee, T.-T. (2017). What are they really selling? A content analysis of advertisements during religious television programming. Journal of Media and Religion, 16(3), 104-116.

Yamamoto, M., & Lee, T.-T., & Ran, W. (2016). Media trust in a community context: A multilevel analysis of contextual factors predicting Japanese audience’s trust in media. Communication Research, 43 (1), 131-154.

Lee, T. & Hicks, G. (2011). An analysis of factors predicting attitudes toward same-sex marriage: Do the media matter? Journal of Homosexuality, 58(10), 1391-1408.

Lee, T. (2010). Why they don’t trust the media: An examination of factors predicting trust. American Behavioral Scientist, 58(1), 8-21

Wu, H. D., & Lee, T. (2009). Media, Politics and Asian Americans. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.

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