Master of Science in Journalism

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Our J-School’s graduate programs offer students the opportunity to study cutting-edge media and its uses in today’s world, while giving you the tools to advance your skills and operate the highest levels of your chosen industry.

  • Study in a program that extends fundamental journalism skills into advanced intellectual expertise in a specialized area of interest
  • Gain professional experience that will allow you to operate in the highest levels of the industries we prepare our students to work in
  • Follow a scholarly track that provides a focus on academic research
  • Seek leadership and entrepreneurship skills
  • Study to advance to our doctoral program or executive positions in media industries

Get specialized

The School of Journalism offers the opportunity to specialize in a variety of areas of expertise, including:

  • Sports media marketing
  • Health science communications
  • Digital media entrepreneurship/ leadership management
  • Master of Science/ Juris Doctor (MSJD) and more

Our graduates land jobs with brand leaders around the world.

You'll find Jayhawks:

  • Analyzing ad operations for Facebook
  • Creating marketing campaigns for Nike
  • Blogging for ESPN
  • Producing programs at VH1
  • Writing for USA Today
  • Covering NBA, NFL, and MLB games
  • Managing news operations at CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox
  • Designing layouts for Shape magazine
  • Marketing planning for Hollywood celebrities

What will your job prospects look like after completing our program?

81% of KU J-School students leave our program and put their advanced skills to work in a media career within six months of graduation.

— University of Georgia College of Journalism Study

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Graduate Admission Questions?

Admission questions may be directed to our graduate academic advisor, Jammie Johnson (785-864-7649), or our associate dean of graduate studies, Matt Tidwell (913-897-8416).

Also refer to the Graduate Handbook.

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