Journalism Minor

Curriculum Requirements under the new Fall 2012 Journalism Curriculum:

Course Names & Numbers Credit Hours
J101: Media and Society 3
J300: Visual Storytelling 3
J302: Infomania 3
J304: Media Writing* 3
J618: First Amendment and Society 3
One additional course from the following Journalism course offerings for which the prerequisites have been met:
(News and Information focus: JOUR 410, 415, 419, 503, 534, 540, 608)
(Strategic Communication focus: JOUR 320, 460, 534, 608, 611, 613, 616)
Total  18**

*Students must complete the grammar basics module and exam before enrolling in JOUR 304

**Students may be allowed to take additional elective hours, not to exceed a total of 24 JOUR credits.

***Journalism Core Courses: Students must earn a grade of C (2.0) or better in JOUR 101, 300, 302, and 304 to fulfill Minor requirements. If the student does not pass JOUR 101, 300, 302, or 304 with a grade of C or better on the second attempt, admission will be rescinded and the student cannot earn the Journalism minor.

Questions? If you would like to know more about the Journalism minor, please contact the Journalism Student Services office at 785-864-4080 or

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