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Intership update July 2014


Jill Bainbridge

Senior, News and Information
Intern at Fully Focused Productions in London

“On May 26, I packed up two (I told myself I’d only take one) suitcases, cried at the airport saying goodbye to my family, and boarded a plane for Heathrow Airport in London. I remember thinking to myself on the plane, “What the HECK am I doing?” I’m seriously like 12 years old. My bedspread looks like a watermelon exploded and I use the Garmin to get to my local Target- just in case. But there I was anyway, too late to turn around and too proud to admit I was scared.”

“While I love the internship and everything I’m learning from it, I think I’ve learned just as much being in a big city responsible for myself. It’s a weird thing, growing up. You can’t wait to have your very own Amanda Bynes “What a Girl Wants” experience, but forget that the people you want to share your experience with the most aren’t by your side. I have had to learn to put the camera down, and be happy with the experience I’m having- for me and no one else. It’s great to catch up and try to explain those experiences to friends and family, but you can’t even get close to an accurate description.”

Read Jill's blog to learn more about her experience in London. 


Lauren Longbine
Senior, Strategic Communication
Promotions Intern at Warner Music Nashville in Nashville
“Starting tomorrow, the busiest week of my internship kicks off with CMA Fest. I am so excited to experience all of the craziness that this week will entail and promise to keep y'all posted with pictures! I will be working autograph signings and meet and greets with our artists, their shows and the CMT awards after party on Wednesday night. Hopefully I will get a chance between the madness to enjoy the week and all of the talent that will be here in Music City.” (Posted June 1)

"Time is flying by, but I am still learning more every day about radio promotion, and life in general. I am learning how to function as an independent adult, although I still consider myself a kid. I'm learning to appreciate this opportunity, and all of the little things that come along with it besides the dream internship; like the peace that comes along with alone time, or meeting someone new. Everyone has a story and a goal they are trying to accomplish in life. I've also learned that making mistakes is inevitable - of course I strive to be the perfect intern and to leave my mark at Warner. But part of being an intern is learning, and not doing everything perfectly is in fact, okay. Being away from home has made me appreciate my Kansas roots. Last night, I made the last minute decision to fly home for the Fourth of July and I could not be more ecstatic for a weekend with friends, family and the lake! I didn't plan on going home at all, but being away makes you appreciate it more and from what I've experienced, nobody likes spending holidays alone."

Read Lauren's blog to learn more about her experience in Nashville.


Maddie Farber

Sophomore, News and Information
Interning at Fox News in New York City

"I officially started working today, and we had orientation yesterday. The company is incredible- it runs SO well and everyone here (so far) is incredibly nice. The program is EXTREMELY organized and there are professionals left and right. It was incredible to me to see how well they know their marketing plan and how well they sold themselves to us even after we were already there

"I am working in production in the entertainment section. I'm so used to hard news (which personally I enjoy more) that entertainment will be quite different. It will give me a good opportunity to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone though, I think. 

I'm working as an intern to the head of the entertainment portion. Her name is Ashley Dvorkin and she is incredibly talented and very nice!  It's insane being somewhere where it's go, go, go ALL the time and the energy is so intense. I do have to do some boring, "lowest on the totem pole" type things like transcribe script after she holds interviews and edit some video. However, I accompanied her all day today and got to someone with so much broadcasting experience at work!" (June 11)

“On June 27, Shia Lebeouf was arrested at a Broadway show, and this made breaking news for entertainment. My manager for entertainment was out of town, so they put me on the story to help them throw together this segment. Once our crew had footage of Labeouf coming out of the courthouse, I edited all the video of him that you see in the clip. They decided to broadcast it that day, so my work was seen nationally! The short clips covering Arnold Schwarzenegger and George Clooney were also some clips I edited for them to use. It was an exciting day. 

I've also been pitching a lot of story ideas, and finally one went through! My pitch was the lack of female directors in Hollywood, so we're working with the L.A bureau to put together a package for that.” (July 2)

Check out Maddie's work in this Fox News clip.






















Tim Dodderidge

Junior, Strategic Communication
Communications Intern at the Kauffman Foundation

"From the second I walked in the door on May 27, I felt that sort of meaning. After waiting in the lobby for a few minutes, I was given a tour of the Kauffman Foundation building, and I was absolutely blown away. Not only was there an athletic facility and a cafeteria, but I even had my own office with a beautiful view of the Country Club Plaza. And with a personalized nameplate on the door and tons of office supplies in the drawers and cabinets around the room, I knew I was set for a busy and important summer.

I was shown how the intranet/server works and given instructions on how to use the phone, and then I met with my supervisor, who outlined my internship duties. Included in a clean document were my responsibilities, in addition to a list of assignments and some specific projects already identified. The Foundation stated that their goal was to give a real-life working experience — which ended up being the straight truth."

Read Tim's blog to learn more about his experience in Kansas City.

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