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Kansan wins 10 awards at college media convention

Monday, November 5, 2018

The University Daily Kansan won an Online Pacemaker Award for best college media website along with two first-place awards for display and online advertising at the Associated Collegiate Press and College Media Association convention Oct. 25-28 in Louisville.


In all, the Kansan and kansan.com picked up 10 awards from the two college media organizations for work over the past 12 months.


"We're extremely pleased and humbled by this recognition," said Rob Karwath, general manager and news adviser for the Kansan Media Group, which includes the Kansan, kansan.com and related student media properties. "For 114 years, the Kansan has served our student and campus community with news and information that has brought together Jayhawks and enhanced the KU experience. To be recognized by our national college media peers for service to our community is doubly rewarding. It encourages our students to work even harder to be the best."


Nicole Asbury, a reporter this fall, and Conner Mitchell, the fall managing editor who was editor last spring, represented the Kansan at the convention.


Here are the awards that the Kansan and its staffers won:

  • ​From the Associated Collegiate Press:
    • ​Online Pacemaker Award for best college media website
    • First place, display advertising, Jacob Hood
    • ​Fourth place, advertising and editorial special section for "120 Years of Basketball"
    • Fourth place, editorial/opinion, Ryan Liston, Conner Mitchell, Omar Sanchez and Mitch Tamblyn​​
    • Finalist, Newspaper Pacemaker award for best print college newspaper
  • ​From the College Media Awards
    • ​First place, online advertising, Jacob Hood
    • Second place, editorial, Conner Mitchell
    • Second place, arts and entertainment story, Omar Sanchez
    • Second place, news package, Angie Baldelomar, Chandler Boese, McKenna Harford and Darby VanHoutan
    • Third place, news website

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