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Olushola Aromona

Doctoral student
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Olushola is a second-year doctoral student. Prior to studying at the University of Kansas, she attended the East Tennessee State University where she received her M.A. in Professional Communication.

Her master's thesis on the perpetuation of gender stereotypes in the media won the Outstanding Research Award from the Department of Media and Mass Communications, East Tennessee State University. She also received the Outstanding Contribution by a Graduate Student Award (Service). 

Shola’s research interests intersect political communication and gender, digital information literacy, and social media for sociopolitical activism. In her dissertation, Shola merges mass communication and pedagogy research, focusing on the cognitive processes used in online credibility evaluation of online political information. Shola is a recipient of the University of Kansas 2020 Summer Research Scholarship and a Doctoral Research Fellow at KU’s Institute of Policy and Social Research.




Media literacy; information management and literacy; media and diversity; strategic and political communication



Political communication; gender stereotypes; social media for advocacy and social change; opinion leadership; online engagement  

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