The Bremner Editing Center

The Bremner Editing Center recognizes the importance of editing and provides resources for students to hone their editing skills. Students can bring in a piece of writing for one-on-one help or come in to get practice in particular areas or to use training and reference materials. The center is open Monday through Friday in Stauffer-Flint 112. Call 785-864-7623 or e-mail coordinator Lisa McLendon to make an appointment.

The Center's namesake, KU journalism professor John B. Bremner, demanded the best of his editing students. His legacy lives on in the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications and beyond. In fall 2004, the J-School opened the Bremner Editing Center in Stauffer-Flint Hall. It was remodeled and dedicated during the 2011-12 school year.

“Professors in the J-School are concerned about the quality of writing in classes of all levels,” said Mary Wallace, former assistant to the dean. “We created the center to help students address deficiencies and ensure continued excellence in our students’ editing and writing skills.”

Who was John Bremner?

A native of Australia, John Bremner came to KU in 1969 and taught copy editing until 1985. During his tenure at KU, he won the HOPE teaching award and was named the national Outstanding Journalism Educator.

Bremner wrote two books, “Words on Words” and “HTK.” He was also involved with the Gannett Foundation in creating the ”John Bremner: Guardian of the Newsroom” video, which is still used to teach editing in the newsroom.

“This was the guy who, at the last part of his career, was invited to go to the New York Times to help the New York Times’ editors to become better editors,” said Professor Emeritus Tim Bengtson.

“What we are trying to do is make the school live up to what John Bremner wanted it to be,” he said.

Bengtson said that often students don’t realize the need to rewrite and strive for more. The Bremner Center helps students learn to polish their writing to the professional standards of the J-School.


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