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Online program in Digital Content Strategy

Our new online Master's Program in Digital Content Strategy trains graduates to find, use and analyze information and data to solve organizational problems. You will build skills you can use immediately while broadening your thinking and encouraging a mindset for adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape. 

With certificates in Social Media Strategy and Data Interpretation and Communication, you can become the information expert in your organization. As a digital troubleshooter, you will be able to bridge the gap between those with big ideas but little understanding of how to turn those ideas into reality and those with technical skills who lack the broader vision needed to move beyond the status quo.

Program breakdown

The online program is divided into two certificates. The master's degree is earned by completing both certificates, but students may choose to earn just one certificate. 

  • Certificate in Social Media Strategy: Course focuses on the skills needed to create, analyze and optimize social media content and campaigns. Students will learn to define and analyze audiences for and with social media and to measure the effectiveness of social media strategies. See course descriptions here.
  • Certificate in Data Interpretation and Communication: Course teaches students strategies for finding appropriate data, organizing data, interpreting data and explaining data in meaningful ways. This certificate does not provide skills in deep statistical analysis. Rather, students gain a better understanding of using quantitative and qualitative data to solve problems or answer questions in a variety of fields. Courses in data interpretation and communication must be taken sequentially. See course descriptions here.

Details: Students may work on either of these certificates independently, building credentials even before they complete a master’s degree. See Frequently Asked Questions here.

How it works

  • The program requires 30 hours of coursework.
  • The program starts in summer 2016 with students laying the foundation for academic work, including a possible capstone project, exploring the concepts, problems and opportunities in information and content strategy with faculty members and guest speakers.
  • Participants engage in idea sessions and assignments with tools for data analysis and digital content strategy as they prepare for their online graduate coursework.
  • Students begin their online coursework in courses from either certificate August 2016.
    *Courses in the data certificate must be taken sequentially.


  • $450 per credit hour**
  • **Includes all applicable fees. Costs based on information provided by Office of the University Registrar Spring 2016. 

Application information

Application Deadlines: Priority – May 1 | Late – May 15

  • One official transcript of all college-level courses. (from each college attended) Expected GPA: 3.0 or above. Submit to gapc@ku.edu
  • A current resume
  • Two letters of reference from persons familiar with the student’s academic or professional work or potential for graduate study
  • Applicants must also submit two writing samples or samples of professional work that reflect your years of experience
  • International students are required to submit TOEFL scores
  • International students are required to submit evidence of financial support

How to Apply

1. Go to http://graduate.ku.edu/ku-graduate-application​

2. At the Application Information screen, you will choose Degree Seeking or Certificate.

3. When you get to the Program Selection screen, if you are degree seeking, you will select Journalism & Mass Communications and then Digital Content Strategy MS. For program term, select Summer 2016 and click Confirm Program Selection. Then continue on with the application process.

4. If you chose Certificate at the Application Information screen, when you get to the Program Selection screen, select Journalism & Mass Communications. Then select either Social Media Strategy Certificate or Data Interpretation and Communication Certificate. For program term, select Summer 2016 and click Confirm Program Selection. Then continue on with the application process.

Screen shot of online journalism certificate program selection


Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section, or email Jammie Johnson at jamjohn@ku.edu.

MSJ - Digital Content Strategy