30 Faculty and Graduate Students Present at 2024 AEJMC Conference

Thirty faculty and graduate students from the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications are presenting their research studies, teaching best practices, and creative projects at the 107th annual conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). The AEJMC conference will be held at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown on Aug. 8-11, 2024. Their projects cover topics including creativity in the age of AI, college students’ AI self-efficacy, climate change communication, virtual influencers in advertising, social media and health communication, and journalism practices. The School’s faculty and students also won four research paper awards, one dissertation award, and one administrator award. Below is the list of the presentations and awards at the 2024 AEJMC conference.

August 6

Ann Brill: Speaker, Institute of Diverse Leadership Fellows Program

August 7

Genelle Belmas: Panelist; Fire in a Political Theater: The First Amendment Legacy of Donald J. Trump

Alex Treaster: Panelist; Creativity and Responsibility in the Age of AI

Tamar Wilner: Panelist; Connecting Journalism Research and Practice

August 8

Ayman Alhammad, Christopher Etheridge, and Cameron Piercy: Extended Abstract; Source Evaluation of News Releases Produces by Artificial Intelligence

Lindsie Rank, Adam Goldstein, and Ekaterina Lisovskaia: Full Paper; Pressures on the Student Press: A Repeated Cross-Sectional Analysis

Nazra Izhar: Extended Abstract; Role of Cognitive Biases in Misinformation Dissemination Through Unverified Information Sharing Among Indian Facebook Users

Vaibhav Diwanji, Nhung Nguyen, Rim Chaif, Macy Burkett, Michaella Nera Barros, and Moses Okocha: Full Paper; Keep Colors Bright All-Year Long: A Big-Data-Based Cross-Cultural Analysis of Consumer Discourses About “Rainbow Washing”

Vaibhav Diwanji, Jeff Conlin, Macy Burkett, and Michaella Nera Barros: Full Paper; True Influence is about Leveraging Virtuality: Unlocking the Persuasive Power of Virtual Influencers in Advertising

Nazra Izhar: Full Paper; Mapping the Digital Landscape of Hate: Assessing islamophobia in Hindu Rashtra Facebook Communities

Steve Bien-Aimé, Umer Hussain, Haseena U. Khan, Nazra Izhar, and Aminah Syed: Full Paper; Sports, Media and Morality: South Asian Media’s Framing of the Sania Mirza-Shoaib Malik Divorce Blessing Jona: Extended Abstract; Popular U.S. News Media Websites’ Representation of the Fentanyl Crisis

Teri Finneman: Panelist; The Future of Academic Publishing

Ha Huong: Extended Abstract; Understanding the China-Vietnam Relationship on Self-censorship of Journalists Reporting on the Border War Anniversaries

Hechen Ding, Hong Vu, Tien-Tsung Lee, and Rim Chaif: Full Paper; The Role of Culture in Audiences’ Trust in Mainstream Media Teri Fineman: Panelist; Podcasts as Public Scholarship

[Dissertation Award] Tamar Wilner, Nafziger-White-Salwen Dissertation Award

August 9

Rim Chaif: Extended Abstract; Exploring Public Support of Female Athletes Engaged In Traditionally Male-Dominated Sports in Social Media

[Administrator Award] Ann Brill: 2023 Administrator of the Year; Scripps-Howard Fund-Teaching Panel Session: Navigating Change in an AI World

Moses Okocha: Extended Abstract; Digital Strategists: Impact of Social Media Communication on Nigeria’s 2023 Elections

Hyunjin Seo, Marcos Paulo da Silva, Blessing Jona, Azhar Iqbal, Macy Burkett, Haseena Khan, and Alfredo Ernesto Urbina Carreno: Full Paper; Comparative Analysis of AI Attitudes Among JMC Students in Brazil and the US: A Mixed-Methods Approach

[Research Paper Award] Rim Chaif and Teri Finneman: Full Paper; My Place Isn’t in the Kitchen”: Examining Feminist Facebook Framing of an Algerian Social Movement *First-Place Student Faculty Paper Award

[Research Paper Award] Hyunjin Seo, Macy Burkett, Moses Okocha, Huong Ha, Rim Chaif, Nazra Izhar, Michaella Nera Barros, Blessing Jona, and Azhar Iqbal: Full Paper; Social Media Activism and Women’s Health: Endometriosis as Feminist Issue *Second-Place Faculty Paper Award

August 10

Melissa Greene-Blye: Panelist; Teaching Students to Decolonize Journalism Practice: Resisting Dehumanizing Portrayals of the “Other”

Alyssa Appelman, Steve Bien-Aime, and Olga Morales: Full Paper; “Said” Or “Told the Reporter”? The Credibility Effects of Quote-Attribution Style

Stephen Wolgast: Extended Abstract; Journalists’ Emotional and Logistical Reactions to A Police Raid

Nhung Nguyen, Nazra Izhar, Hong Vu, and Vaibhav Diwanji: Full Paper; “Climate Change is Real, but I Don't Wanna Talk About It:” Unraveling Spiral of Silence Effects Regarding Climate Change Among Midwestern American Farmers

Yvonnes Chen, Nhung Nguyen, Hong Vu, Giang Truong Do, and Anh Tu Nguyen: Full Paper; U.S. State Health Departments’ Risk Communication During the First Year of the Pandemic Revealed Missed Opportunities

[Research Paper Award] Monica Hill, Marina Hendricks, Sarah Cavanah, Peter Bobkowski: Paper Presentation; High School Journalism Field Trips: Post-Pandemic Barriers and Opportunities *First-Place Open Competition Paper Award

[Research Paper Award] Rim Chaif and Ali Ibrahim: Full Paper; Redefining Femininity and Defying Traditional Gender Norms: An In-Depth Visual Analysis of North African Women Athletes’ Instagram Branding *Third-Place Faculty Paper Award

August 11

Macy Burkett: Full Paper; #Tradwives on TikTok: The Promotion of Traditional Gender Roles and the Radicalization of Online Audiences