The Budig Teaching Professorship of Writing


Former KU Chancellor Gene Budig and his wife, Gretchen, provided lead support for the establishment of this award. The fund will provide a one-year stipend for a School of Journalism faculty member who has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the teaching of writing. Individuals may be selected more than once, but must resubmit materials.


The faculty member selected for the Budig Teaching Professorship in Journalism will:

  1. Be a full-time tenured member of the faculty of the School of Journalism.
  2. Be a full-time faculty member on campus the year of the award.
  3. Have demonstrated teaching excellence at the University of Kansas for at least three years.
  4. Have demonstrated a consistent contribution to the teaching of writing over the last three years.
  5. Have contributed to scholarship and professional service commensurate with the expectations of the
  6. University and the School.
  7. Have participated in active mentoring and advising of students.

The Support File

  1. Curriculum Vitae. The support file shall include an up-to-date and detailed curriculum vitae statement that contains full information on the nominee’s teaching and research career. Specific data should include: date of appointment at KU, date of obtaining highest rank, research activities, professional and scholarly publications, honors, including previous teaching awards, and contribution to the school, university, and community.

  2. Letter of Nomination. The nomination letter should include details of the candidate’s commitment to the teaching of writing and his/her educational accomplishments.

  3. Reflective Statement. The nominee should submit a statement of his/her philosophy of teaching writing. The statement should be no longer than 760 words.

  4. Materials in Support of Nominee’s Selection. The nominee should provide the following materials in support of the nomination.

    1. Statements from Colleagues. No more than three letters should be submitted from a pool of colleagues and students who have first-hand knowledge of the nominee’s teaching of writing and who can comment on its quality. Letters from colleagues, students, and associates outside the nominee’s department or the School are desirable but not required.

    2. Scholarship. Evidence should be submitted of the scholarly activity of the nominee, particularly as it relates to excellence in teaching writing.

    3. Service. Evidence should be submitted of the service activities of the nominee, particularly as they relate to excellence in teaching writing.

Selection Process 

Nominations are sought from individual faculty, students, and alumni. Self nominations are allowed. Selection of the recipient is made by the Dean and Provost based upon the recommendations by the School’s Advisory Group. The group will make its recommendations to the Dean.


The Budig Teaching Professorship of Writing will present an address to the faculty and students of the School, to which the public also will be invited, on the topic of the importance of teaching writing.