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Innovative Media Instruction

Since the first journalism class was offered at the University of Kansas in 1891, the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications continues its long legacy of excellence in leading the way in innovative teaching that prepares students for today's media careers.

Our academic environment is intimate and student centered, providing a small-school climate with all of the benefits of a large-university setting. The innovative curriculum teaches foundational values, ethics and skills of journalism and mass communications while also preparing students to be adaptable, entrepreneurial professionals in today's changing and increasingly digital world. Our advising staff works with each student individually, helping guide them to take risks, grow and achieve their college and career goals. The KU School of Journalism and Mass Communications has more than 14,500 graduates in the United States and dozens of other countries around the world. The school's long list of distinguished and accomplished graduates are the best evidence that the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications is a great destination for serious students who are ambitious, intelligent and creative.

Undergraduate Degree Concentrations


Students who choose the Multimedia Journalism concentration graduate from KU ready to work in a variety of media, including newspapers, magazines, broadcasting and the digital communications industry. Learn more about our multimedia journalism curriculum.

Students in our Digital Marketing Communications, Advertising and Public Relations concentration graduate ready for careers in advertising, marketing, public relations, social media, promotions, sales, media management and more. Our graduates have the skills to work any place where communications skills are needed and valued, which is everywhere! Learn more about our Digital Marketing Communications, Advertising and Public Relations concentration.

Media Arts and Production merges creativity, technology and ideas. It empowers students to explore and develop in an ever-evolving media environment as creative media producers and storytellers, media and audience researchers, critical thinkers, and enterprise leaders. Graduates will be able to bridge the creative process with business needs, resulting in powerful, emotional experiences that resonate. Learn more about our Media Arts & Production concentration.

This new concentration launches in Fall 2023 and will prepare students interested in reporting, play by play, production, multimedia, marketing, public relations or administration to excel in the exciting and expanding world of sports media. Students choose the KU J-School because of the many connections we have within the local, collegiate and professional sports markets.

Tradition of Excellence

  • The School of Journalism has been continually accredited since 1948 by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications, which is an assurance of quality in professional education.

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History of the KU J-School

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