Contractor Development/Business Development Intern

An internship at ISN provides a look into our company’s processes, culture and day-to-day activities. ISN interns become a part of our family for the summer and contribute alongside full-time employees. Our goal of the paid internship is to identify high-performing interns and ensure their experience allows them to determine if ISN is a match for their long term careers objectives.

Internship Phases
Contractor Development Experience (4 weeks)

Complete ISN EDGE (Education, Development, Growth and Excellence) training alongside full-time employees.
• Learn core functions of ISN's Contractor Development Teams
• Apply training with live customer interaction
• Real-time learning, on-demand learning, and ongoing mentorship support as your project responsibilities grow weekly

Business Development Experience (6 weeks)
• Become a part of an industry-specific business development team
• Observe and participate in account management, prospecting and account relationship activities
• Expand responsibilities each week with new tasks and assignments
• Travel to attend an in-person customer meeting

• Group and individual projects to work on throughout the internship
• Opportunity to present findings to ISN Management team
• Results may be integrated into ISN's business operations

• Attend company-wide quarterly meeting
• Participate in team building events
• Receive an ISN mentor throughout your internship
• Ability to interact with all aspects and teams within ISN
• Insight into company's performance and overall growth
• Partake in group sessions with ISN's Executive Management

Apply through under the ISN Page. For more information, contact Mackenzie Burtscher at