25 Faculty and Students Present at 2023 AEJMC Conference

Twenty-five faculty and graduate/undergraduate students from the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications are presenting their research studies and creative projects at the 106th annual conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). The AEJMC conference will be held at the Marriott Marquis Washington, D.C. on Aug. 7-10, 2023.

Their projects cover topics including diversity education and virtual reality, international communication, digital advertising, LGBTQIA+ community and social media, climate change communication, health communication and news, sports media, and media law. The School’s faculty and students also won five research paper awards, one teaching award and one service award. Below is the list of the presentations and awards at the 2023 AEJMC conference.

Monday, August 7

Rim Chaif: Extended Abstract; How Does the Algerian LGBTQIA+ Community Use Facebook Groups to Navigate Their Sexual Identities?

Steve Bien-Aime: Panelist; Diversifying the Emerging Field of Podcast Studies

Fernanda Silva, Annalise Baines, Hyunjin Seo, Macy Burkett, Rim Chaif, Nazra Izhar and Victoria Garcia Unzueta: Paper Presentation; Comparative Analysis of Online Social Support in Health: Brazilian and U.S. Facebook Groups on Diabetes *[First Place, Latin American Communication Research and Researchers Award]

Genelle Belmas: Panelist; Student Press Freedom from Tinker to New Voices and Beyond

Pamela Peters: Paper Presentation; Staying Connected in Times of Uncertainty: Small Historically Black Colleges and Universities’ Information Sharing on Instagram During the COVID-19 Pandemic *[Third Place, Student Paper, Minorities and Communications Division]

Alyssa Appelman: Discussant; Newspaper and Online News Division; The Intersection of Health and News

Chris Etheridge: Panelist; Developing the Sport Media Program: An Administrator Perspective

Hong Tien Vu and Huong Ha: Extended Abstract; Shamed, Embarrassed, and Skeptical: How Inadvertently Sharing Fake News Influences Users’ Perceptions of the Information Environment and Social Media Use

Chris Etheridge: Discussant; Metajournalistic and Theoretical Discourses

Hyunjin Seo: Panelist; Teaching Computational Communication Research Methods

Scott Reinardy: Panelist; Jesse Owens: Sensation, Superstar, Sufferer, Symbol

Tuesday, August 8

Genelle Belmas: Extended Abstract; Too Many Cases, Too Little Support: How the Debate Over What Instructors Teach in Media Law Courses is a Symptom of Institutional Changes in Mass Communication Education

Ekaterina Lisovskaia, Hechen Ding and Jun Pei: Extended Abstract; Body Image and Food Content on TikTok: Exploring the Influence of TikTok Videos on Users’ Body Image

Genelle Belmas: Extended Abstract; “Speed the Parting Guest:” Minnesota Newspaper Coverage of the 1916 Mesaba Iron Range Strike

Hyunjin Seo: Discussant; Communication Technology Division Topic — Social Media, Networks, and Information Sharing

Annalise Baines: Extended Abstract; Activating Solidarity Journalism: Analyzing the Impact of Newsroom Union Organizing on Journalism Practices

Melissa Green-Blye: Moderating/Presiding; Pictures of Our Nobler Selves: Revisiting the Purpose and Power of Native Media

KU School of Journalism and Mass Communications Reception: 8:30-10 p.m. on Tuesday, August 8th in the LeDroit Park Room (Level 3), Marriott Marquis Washington, DC

Wednesday, August 9

Hechen Ding, Jun Pei, and Ekaterina Lisovskaia: Paper Presentation; An Investigation of Information Use Among Pro-choice Kansas Republicans During Political Campaigns

Hyunjin Seo: Panelist; Communicating Environmental and Climate Issues to Communities of Color

Steve Bien-Aime: Paper Presentation; East, West, and Domestic: A Comparative Media Analysis of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Alyssa Appelman: Moderating/Presiding; Commission on the Status of Women

Macy Burkett: Paper Presentation; Purity Culture on YouTube: A Thematic Analysis of Christian-identifying Lifestyle Creators *[Third Place Student Paper, Commission on the Status of Women]

Steve Bien-Aime: Discussant; Representations of Difference: Collaborative Scholar Winners

Vaibhav Diwanji, Hyunjin Seo, Jeff Conlin, Annalise Baines, Jun Pei, Finnegan Bauer, Rim Chaif, Kaitlin Clark, Fernanda Silva, Macy Burkett, and Nhung Nguyen: Paper Presentation; Application of Virtual Reality for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training in Advertising and Public Relations *[Top PF&R Paper Award, Advertising Division]

Jeff Conlin: Paper Presentation; Re-Routing Persuasion: How Conversion Messages Boost Attitudes and Reduce Resistance Among Holdouts Unvaccinated for COVID-19 *[First Place Faculty Paper, Communicating Science, Health, Environment and Risk Division]

Thursday, August 10

Alyssa Appelman: Discussant; Not All Roses and Unicorns: Questioning Postfeminist Notions

Alyssa Appelman: Champions of Editing: Inclusive Editing with 'Conscious Style Guide *[Honorable Mention, Linda Shockley Award of Excellence in Teaching]

Macy Burkett: Extended Abstract; Gen Z and Faith: A Thematic Analysis of #AsburyRevival TikTok Content

Genelle Belmas: Moderating/Presiding; Emerging Research in Global Data Privacy Protection and Platform Governance

Rim Chaif and Chris Etheridge: Extended Abstract; Reforming the Reformers: Shaping Pro-democratic Attitudes and Beliefs through Discussions of Online Violence Against Women

Hyunjin Seo: Outstanding Service Award, Communication Technology Division