Genelle Belmas

Genelle Belmas
  • Associate Professor

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Stauffer-Flint Hall, room 205B
1435 Jayhawk Boulevard
Lawrence, KS 66045


Associate Professor Genelle Belmas joined the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications from California State University, Fullerton as a tenured faculty member and head of the journalism concentration in the Department of Communications. She teaches media law, media ethics, communications technology and computer-assisted reporting. Her research primarily focuses on media law. Her work has appeared in the Yale Journal of Online Law and Technology, the Federal Communications Law Journal, and Communications Law and Policy, among others, and has been cited by several appellate courts. She is the author of a media law textbook, Major Principles of Media Law (Cengage). She has also been the recipient of several research and teaching external grants.


B.A. in Journalism & Political Science, University of Wisconsin
M.A. in Political Science, University of Wisconsin
Ph.D. in Mass Communication, University of Minnesota

Selected Publications

Belmas, G. I., Shepard, J. M., & Overbeck, W. E. (2018). Major Principles of Media Law, 2019 ed. [Books]. Cengage.

Belmas, G. I., & Vanacker, B. (2018). Satire in the Digital Age: Legal Issues with Parody Accounts, an Overview [Conference Proceedings]. In publication available after April 2018 conference.

Peters, J. W., Belmas, G. I., & Bobkowski, P. S. (2017). A Paper Shield? Whether State Privilege Protections Apply to Student Journalists [Journal Articles]. Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal, 27(4), 763–801. 

Belmas, G. I., Shepard, J. M., & Overbeck, W. (2017). Major Principles of Media Law [Books]. Cengage.

Bobkowski, P. S., & Belmas, G. I. (2017). Mixed Message Media: Girls’ Voices and Civic Engagement in Student Journalism [Journal Articles]. Girlhood Studies, 10(1), 89–106. 

Shepard, J. M., & Belmas, G. I. (2012). Anonymity, disclosure and First Amendment balancing in the Internet era: Developments in libel, copyright and election law [Journal Articles]. Yale Journal of Law and Technology, 15, 92–138.

Belmas, G. I. (2012). Update: That’s what “friend” is for? Judges, social networks and standards for recusal [Journal Articles]. Reynolds Courts & Media Law Journal, 2(3), 297–320.

Belmas, G. I., & Shepard, J. M. (2010). Speaking from the bench: Judicial campaigns, judges’ speech, and the First Amendment [Journal Articles]. Drake Law Review, 58(3), 709–736.

Belmas, G. I. (2009). Pushing patriotism: Why flag encouragement doesn’t fly [Journal Articles]. Communications Law and Policy, 14(3), 341–372.

Vanacker, B., & Belmas, G. I. (2009). Trust and the economics of news [Journal Articles]. Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 24(2–3), 110–126.

Belmas, G. I., Love, G. D., & Foy, B. G. (2007). In the dark: A consumer perspective on FCC broadcast indecency denials [Journal Articles]. Federal Communications Law Journal, 60(1), 67–109.