Video Production Intern

360 Sports Representation and Management and Pro Football Camp, a non-profit organization, are offering a hands-on internship for the Fall, Spring & Summer semesters. Specifically, we need students with creative skills who can create videos, such as:

  • 360 Sports, Pro Mindset Podcast and several of their NFL clients use video content for social media, website and YouTube usage.

  • Pro Mindset® produces a weekly video podcast that is posted on multiple platforms. Video interviews need to be produced into other consumable content for website, YouTube channel and social media.

  • Pro Football Camp has hours of interviews and footage from our annual camp that need to be made into videos, e.g. testimonials from coaches, kids & parents as to why someone should come to our camp; testimonials from NFL athletes about why they donate their time each year to coach at the Pro Football Camp; testimonials from volunteers as to why they should volunteer, etc. Videos will be utilized on social media, website and/or YouTube channel.

    In all cases, the intern will have hands-on experience: taking direction, writing a creative brief, scripting, editing and producing these videos. In addition to being strong creatively and with video production software, candidate must be a storyteller, articulate, a good communicator and writer, detail-oriented, and a good problem solver. Interns can work remotely.

    Summer interns have the option of working remotely or in person. If wanted to work remotely, we encourage interns to come to Colorado Springs to gather video and interviews at the 2024 Pro Football Camp. Interns would be in office June 17 through June 27th.

    Interested candidates should research company(s) on the web:, and Send letter outlining why interested, what you hope to accomplish from the internship, your qualifications, including proficiency in specific software, and the timeframe you’re applying for, e.g. Spring, Summer or Fall internship and send a resume to:

    Teddi Domann at

    Please submit your resume and cover letter by:

  • Summer internship by May 10, 2024

  • Fall Internship by August 1, 2024

  • Spring internship by December 1, 2024